Nowhere - Wedding and portrait photographer
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In the middle of the spanish desert, between Zaragoza and Lleida, every summer, for a week, there is a community that builds itself upon Burning Man principles.

I’ve known about Burning Man years ago but never looked deeply into it before 2013.
That year I was going to Australia, I was meeting friends there. One of them suggested going to Burning Seed, the regional australian Burning Man.

It has been a beautiful discovery, a new way to see the world.

So, in 2014, we decided to go together to Nowhere.
The two burns are following the same principles but are quite different, while in Australia everything happens in a forest, with tree and shades and a nice weather, the challenging climate of Spain in summer, the dust and the strong wind contribute in creating an ephemeral atmosphere.
It's a completely new world that creates and destroy in a week, leaving no trace, as one of the principles: when leaving the site must be exactly as it was before.
People are free to be exactly what they dream to be, everything is magic.
And you can build your own experience, from deciding to have a week of yoga and meditation, unconditional love and personal development, to have a crazy week of dance, party, no sleep and unconditional love (yes, that's a constant).

And here we are, in a month I'll be here again, looking forward to this new experience, ready for the challenge, the laughs, the music, and, of course, the unconditional love.