{portraits} Nina

Albayzín (or Albaìcin) is a historic district of Granada declared a World Heritage Site in 1984. A perfect area for an end of summer shooting I did with Nina.
I love the district, the small streets, the vibe of the area.
Nina is one of the many expats that decided to stop in Granada, she is lovely and she's always wearing a dress! Check her website: http://aworldofdresses.com/

{wedding} Juliette & Maxime

When I met Juliette, we went exploring together the 13th arrondissement of Paris where they live (yay, one of my favorite ones!), we met at the town hall where the civil ceremony would have been, then we walked to the church, then to their place. So we had a lot of time to talk and one of the first thing I asked her was to tell me the story of them as a couple.
And it was such sweet and romantic as they are together since they were teenagers.
And during the whole wedding day, I could feel their strong love and the complicity that they've built. 

{wedding} Julien & Margot

I always cry at weddings, whether it is a couple of friends, whether they are clients I've spoken with three/four times in my life.
At Julien and Margot's wedding, I've cried five times. Maybe it was because they are big travelers, like me. Maybe because they are young and with a contagious energy.Maybe because EVERYBODY was deeply involved, friends and family.Maybe because it was a beautiful, emotional wedding.I have been so proud to be able to witness in pictures their love and their special day.

{wedding} Adrien & Anna

I met Adrien and Anna in 2010, in Romania.
After that, we met in France, Serbia, Austria, Hungary and Tunisia.
They got married in New Caledonia first and then in Austria, where they live.
And it was probably the most multicultural wedding I've ever seen.
We spent a beautiful weekend in the Austrian countryside, camping near a lake, with friends from all over the world.
The dress code? Traditional clothing and flip flops ♡

{engagement} Cindy & Yannick

In March, Cindy contacted me to spend some days in Granada with us. She also wanted an engagement shooting.
And she also wanted to take advantage of the shooting to... announce her fiancé that he's going to be a father!
It was a very special moment with this couple and an honor to be a photographic witness.

{retouch} Beauty retouch

This image has been waiting in my hard drive for a while because I was thinking of doing a tutorial with it.
I've opened it again today and decided to finish it doing something different from what I usually do. And at the end, I really like the result!

Photographer: Isaac Ruiz
Model: Myrriah Train
Make Up: Shiree Collier
Accessories: Bad Kitty Accessories