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First look

Have you ever thought of seeing and discovering each other before the ceremony?

Often, the couple don't want to meet before the ceremony, to respect the tradition and to have the surprise of seeing each other just in front of the altar.
Should we change the trend? For some years now, this new addition has been installed in weddings : seeing each other before the ceremony, creating a situation of discovery, so that the couple can take full advantage of the moment, away from prying eyes (perhaps leaving room for a few tears)

I always propose to the couples I work with to do a "first look" session before the ceremony, I find that there are a lot of advantages. A "first look" session allows the bride and groom to discover themselves in an intimate and reserved environment: a moment all for them, away from the eyes of the guests and in a moment of total calm, before the frenzy.
It is a very romantic moment, very rich in emotions and dedicated exclusively to the couple.
You can decide how to discover yours spouse: in the middle of nature, behind a door, blindfolded or reading a love letter. In short, in the way that characterizes you the most.
And last but not least, it allows your photograph to take beautiful photos.


Obviously, it is not a thing for everyone: some couples want to respect tradition and see themselves only in front of the altar. Or it is important for them that the family is present when the couple first sees each other.

One thing is fundamental: it is YOUR day and you have to do what makes you feel good, without anxiety, without pressure.

Do you have doubts? Talk to your photographer, he will surely be happy to see with you the best time of the day for your couple photos!

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